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Your dedicated partner for

building people-centered

Your dedicated partner for

predictably positive experiences for LGBTQIA+ people

we partner with organizations to  diversify their community and improve client experiences. we use evidence-based research to strategize best practices, design inclusive processes, and drive conversations that promote diversity.

here's how we do it

personlized strategy

we meet you anywhere in your DEI journey with a unique plan that changes and grows with you, from comprehensive turnkey implementation to strategic advisory and program management.

Multisector expertise

our crew of industry experts have decades of lived-in experience. our best practices and proven methods will set you up to continuously innovate and improve.

optimize impact

we support your DEI goals and vision by working closely with your organization from frontline to c-suite executives, activating every employee to drive adoption and engagement.

our culture is rooted in a shared respect for the skills and perspectives of each partner. it is a culture that allows us to leverage our unique backgrounds and lived-in experiences to challenge one another, to lean into being uncomfortable, and to unlearn and relearn as we continually evolve. together, we’re defining values that we can stand behind and grow from, so everything we create leaves a lasting impact for the better.

- richard cancio, mph

cofounder, pinkslash partners

the buzz
from our partners
“Thank you, Richard, for facilitating the [DEI in the Workplace] conversation. I have spent my whole career perfecting masking my identity in order to be what everyone expected. It’s overwhelming at times, to see that maybe that might not always have to be the case and that others coming up may feel accepted without masking themselves is truly wonderful.”
MD- DEI in the Workplace Program Participant
“Great work today. This [Cultural Responsiveness for Leadership] session filled my soul. You ABSOLUTELY made a difference in a room of leaders that would have gone on none the wiser and done unintentional harm [...] I appreciate the work you all did in this space!”
PhD, MPH- Cultural Responsiveness for Leadership Program Participant
“Thanks @Richard for your unwavering commitment to building DEI awareness our team.  You navigated through these uncomfortable conversations today with grace and leadership while positively engaging the audience.  I am in awe of your facilitation skills and so thankful to be learning beside you!”
CEO - DEI in the Workplace Program Participant
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